The Benefit of Twitter

As we know twitter is the kind of social media that connected among person in the world. Here, this social media has used by all people at everyday. Moreover, the user always optimizes it for their daily activity, it means like the public diary. It is because, every people share their think and the other story about them in here. So, the point is, this social media is the important thing must have and use it, though there are some people that have no.

Actually, twitter not only for communicated or just share and posting about some work in maxima 140 characters, but also for the other purpose. For example is the online business that it has booming around us. Here, they are use this media to get the profitable and customer. Moreover, the people use this program for both is okay, never mine. There is no limit to access this media for the other purpose, for connected or communication and business.

Here, let see and know the benefits from twitter, especially for the user and for them which have no this media, are:

  • Connected people in the world at every time.
  • There is no limit to get friends.
  • As promoted some business about service or product.
  • Follow your favorite person or company.
  • Create a community that follow by all people through they have long distance.
  • Develop the ability in write.
  • Find the other news and knowledge from the other source.
  • Improve the traffic, especially for website or blog.

There so many benefits that gets by all people, especially for the user. But, here you have to know the characters from twitter, to use it well. Because, there are many kind of name that has different function to operate this media, are:

  • Follower: Is people who follow your social media.
  • Follow: A person who want to follow
  • Tweets: For your share or posting.
  • Keyboard shortcut: A shortcut or simply way to access easily, especially for the user.
  • Bluebird: new application in tweet.

From that, there are some applications from twitter that can be uses easily. But, this social media also has the weakness, so you have to know to avoid or minimize it, are:

  • There is limit characters, just 140 characters.
  • There are has many symbols that have to remind well.
  • There is no chatting application.
  • The size of profile is too small.

Though there are some weaknesses, you have to know it and handle it. Moreover, this social is familiar and has used by some people. Here, you can optimize it for your activities in free time or get the profitable for your business. You have to know, at present online business has big opportunities to get the money, so do not waste this moment to get the profitable. So, use the twitter for do the online business or add it for the website. As we know, the website that complete by this social media, makes the other person by your follower, so makes your website also popular and get the best traffic.